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The Khanathon is a concept derived from Hackathons. It is a matter of taking an evening together to settle different questions of various subjects of Khaganat and Khanat. It can be a question of how one approaches a philosophical concept(the perception of death in a universe where people resuscitate, the choice of licenses), a point of gameplay, a text to be written together, a functionality To debug … In short, any work that resolves “when one is several” to put on at the same time.

By tradition, the Khanathons are done on Friday evening, at 21H(French time), on channel #khanat.

Subjects are usually advertised on the forum.

There is not a khanathon every Friday; However, as it is quite regular, most people are present at these evenings, and sometimes even without a starting point… so we end up dealing with one problem or another.

The Khanathons use the principles outlined in organize a meeting on IRC and in particular the part on [[en|If the exchanges begin to be very dense, spoken words are put in place, so that everyone can express themselves.

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