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Hardcoded information

Some game data is unfortunately not located at datasheets or primitives, it is instead included directly in the original code.
Being able to modify them is nevertheless necessary, because some of them being directly related to the world of WinchGate and Atys. On the other hand, for others.. changes would make gameplay adjustments rendered impossible by the obligation to recompile(as long as this data is in C++ code).

A task has been created on this subject.

List of code files containing hard data

In ryzomcore/code/ryzom/common/src/game_share: In ryzomcore/code/ryzom/common/src/game_share:

  • action_nature.cpp & action_nature.h: nature of possible actions;
  • animal_type.h: Types of animals;
  • animal_orders.cpp & animal_orders.h: Orders for animals;
  • armor_type.cpp & armor_type.h: armor types
  • bg_downloader.cpp & bg_downloader.h:? Download wallpapers?
  • body.cpp & body.h: creature body types and their subdivisions;
  • bot_chat_types.cpp & bot_chat_types.h: type of display of cats according to bots;
  • brick_families.cpp & brick_families.h: families of bricks;
  • brick_flags.cpp & brick_flags.h: types of flags possible on a character (auras, PVP etc)
  • brick_types.cpp & brick_types.h: types of bricks;
  • character_sync_itf.xml: races, civilizations and cults;
  • character_titles.cpp & character_titles.h: character titles;
  • characteristics.cpp & characteristics.h: characteristics (and their names) of the characters;
  • chat_group.cpp & chat_group.h: types and names of chat channels;
  • client_action_type.cpp & client_action_type.h: types of character actions (and their names)
  • combat_flying_text.h: name of combat techniques (aerial?);
  • constant.h: distance to talk / direct animals, speed bar materials;
  • continents.cpp & continents.h: list of geographic areas;
  • crafting_tool_type.cpp & crafting_tool_type.h: types and names of craft tools;
  • damage_types.cpp & damage_types.h: types of possible combat damage;
  • dir_light_setup.cpp: direction and color of light for ?? ;
  • ecosystem.cpp & ecosystem.h: existing ecosystems;
  • effect_families.cpp & effect_families.h: effect families on opponents / targets
  • entity_types.h: entity types and their names;
  • fame.h: several fame (cult and civilization);
  • fog_type.h: types of mist;
  • gender.h: genera;
  • guild_grade.cpp & guild_grade.h: guild ranks;
  • interface_flags.cpp: interface flags;
  • inventories.cpp & inventories.h: list of available inventories, number of animals that can be held …
  • item_family.cpp & item_family.h: families of objects;
  • item_infos.cpp: Magical resistances named in relation to ecosystems;
  • item_origin.cpp & item_origin.h: racial origin of an object;
  • item_type.cpp and item_type.h: object types (upper / lower case list);
  • lift_icons.cpp & lift_icons.h: icon type for elevators to certain locations (eg guild trainers);
  • light_cycle.cpp: hours from day to night etc. (Seems to contradict the light_cycle.h which calls a DS);
  • login_registry.cpp: Windows path specified
  • magic_fx.cpp & magic_fx.h: types of occasional magical damage;
  • memorization_set.cpp & memorization_set.h: types of bricks to learn, which seem to have been put into comments, to study?
  • misc_const.h: maximum number of team members in a team
  • mount_people.cpp & mount_people.h: detailed breeds for mounting;
  • news_types.h: named fyros race;
  • outpost.h: certain constants in relation to the outposts;
  • pact.cpp & pact.h: type of pacts linked to cults;
  • people.cpp & people.h: link between names of creatures and their type (see body.cpp & body.h);
  • People_pd.cpp & people_pd.h: groups of creatures;
  • power_types.cpp & power_types.h: types of powers;
  • Protection_types & protection_types.h: types of protection;
  • pvp_clan.cpp & pvp_clan.h: league types for PvP;
  • resistance_type.cpp & resistance_type.h: types of resistors per continent;
  • ring_access.cpp: named races;
  • rm_family.cpp: types of materials and link to abbreviations;
  • season.cpp & season.h: cycle of seasons;
  • season.h: extension to files to connect to seasons;
  • shield_types.cpp & shield_types.h: types of existing shields;
  • Skills.cpp & skills.h: skills list (codes);
  • starting_point.cpp & starting_point.h: possible starting locations;
  • teleport_types.cpp & teleport_types.h: possible types of teleportation by cult;
  • zc_shard_common.cpp & zc_shard_common.h: state of peace / third party war, tribe in peace is commented (to see);

In ryzomcore/code/ryzom/common/src/game_share/time_weather_season:

  • static_light_cycle.cpp: named seasons;
  • time_and_season.cpp & time_and_season.h: named months and days of the year, game time calculation constants relative to AFK;


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