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Flyspray, Task Manager and Bugs

This is a drafted “draft”. It contains notes about “taming” the tool and adapt it to our needs. Ultimately, a real article on “Flyspray” and it's use(in the framework of Khaganat) should emerge.

Enrich this article with your experiences, ideas and finds!

Flyspray is the name of an software we use for task managing. It is used as a list of things to do(todo in English), although it's primary function is to manage bug reports. An interesting presentation to read is available right here and as well as a glossary.

Our task manager(called “Todo”), is available at the address: http://khaganat.ninm.net/todo.

General Principles

Flyspray is very customizable program, partly via the administrator toolbox but also by manipulating the ergonomics theme. These themes are very simple, just change the css of the sheet.

Tasks can be organized by “projects”.

A first proposal is:

  • Khaganat: Everything concerning the meta-project. Infrastructure stories, organization and also a catch-all of everything you do not know where to put. Most of the Wikhan tasks are listed here.
  • Khanat: What affects the world. So not IT! Most of the tasks on Mediateki, and part of the tasks of the UM1 are related to this project. It is a matter of developing the world and of ensuring it's coherence, both for the mmorpg and for simple writing exercises.
  • MMORPG: The computer part, gamedesign, etc, the “turning cogs”. Some of the tasks on the UM1, also everything related to DSWiki, but also some Wikhan articles on server management and things to develop for it's use.
  • Out of Mists: An project in progress. This is the zone of the MMORPG which is under construction, emerging from the Mists. This project is separate from the MMORPG project in order to more clearly see between what belongs to the general and that what is the precise work in progress.

Setting options

At the top, on the left: administrator tool box, recess accessible only to administrators(just ask at this point).


Nothing more then the email address that sends the notifications corresponding to nothing(strongly our own mail server!). An interesting point to note: Flyspray works with themes and each project can have it's own theme.

Our choices

We chose not to have a Category/Task Type etc, but only by Project. Thus we reserve the possibility of having projects being very different in their nature, like the BugTracking(with its own Categories).

The choices shown below are those for non-BugTracking projects.

Types of tasks

  • Creation
  • Modification
  • Search more info
  • Synthesize/analyze
  • Tutorial
  • Other

Status of tasks

  • New
  • Refine
  • In progress
  • To be checked/tested
  • Finished
  • Waiting

Closing Reasons

  • Duplicate
  • Off topic
  • Treaty
  • Abandoned
  • Obsolete


  • Drawing
  • Coder
  • Tell
  • Translate
  • Administer
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