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The making of .bnp files!

OBS: This guide follows the DEFAULT Linux installation(with the created home-user: compil). If this is wrong for your setup, you must change it accordingly!!

What is .bnp?

The .bnp files are somewhat similar to a “tar” archive but.. it CAN'T have sub folders inside. So the order of things must be: “A folder containing files and NO sub folder”. All the .bnp are stored in the /bnp sub folder of the patch system(default: patch_service/patch_game/bnp/).

You can sync some .bnp in the /user folder, others in /data folder.. and so on, as long as you specify them to be used by patch server.

Once you have organized your data as to fitting your needs, you copy them to there right place and your client will receive the updates. You specify(for each .bnp) where it should be copied in the “ryzom.xml” file. For more details about this specification, see:

Building the .bnp files!

OBS: This shows the making of the “custom data” for the khanat client. This procedure will OFCOURSE CHANGE if you want to make custom data for your own server and client. So.. this is merely a guide showing the basics!!

We need to get hold of the data(to be able to make the .bnp files)needed for the patching process. Therefore, we start by getting the code with the following commands:

cd /home/compil/patch_service/
git clone
cd khanat-data-client/data/

Next in line is the use of the “bnp_make” executable!

Create a new file(perhaps named “make_bnp”?).

nano make_bnp

Put the information(BELOW) into the file and save, make it executable, and(if you at this particular time need to)then run the script.

export CLIENT_DATA_BNP="/home/compil/patch_service/khanat-data-client/data/";
bnp_make -p fonts -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p aaa_lirria -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_characters_maps_clothes -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_characters_shapes -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_construction -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_environnement_bank -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_environnement_maps -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_fauna_animation -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_fauna_maps -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_fauna_shape -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_font -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_handled_item -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_interfaces -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_outgame -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_sfx -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_sky -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_sound -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
cd $CLIENT_DATA_BNP/kh_shard/;
bnp_make -p kh_server -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_translate_de -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_translate_en -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_translate_es -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_translate_fr -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_translate_ru -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p kh_translate_wk -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_characters_animations -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_characters_maps_body -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_characters_maps_clothes -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_characters_maps_hair -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_characters_maps_underwear -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_characters_shapes -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_characters_skeletons -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_construction -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_environnement_bank -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_environnement_displaces -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_environnement_ig -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_environnement_lightmaps -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_environnement_pacs_prim -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_environnement_shapes -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_environnement_tiles -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_environnement_vegetables -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_environnement_vegetable_sets -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_environnement_zones -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_fauna_maps -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_fauna_shape -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_fauna_skeletons -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_handled_item -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_help -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_indoors_ig -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_indoors_lightmaps -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_indoors_pacs -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_indoors_shapes -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_interfaces -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_ring -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_sfx -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_sky -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_sound -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_translate -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
bnp_make -p ryz_zzz_bazaar -o /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
echo "#------------------------#";
echo "# Generated files below: #";
echo "#------------------------#";
echo "                          ";
ls /home/compil/patch_service/patch_game/bnp/;
exit 0;

Now, the generated files resides under:

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