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Before Khaganat

Khaganat is the descendant of a looong history and the work of a lot of people whose names sometimes are hard to find. It relies on the resources of RyzomCore, itself heir to the game Ryzom(and continuing Evolving in parallel), which is now in the hands of Nevrax, Gameforge, to be currently supported by Winch Gate Property Ltd.

Ryzom's “credits list” of Nevrax's time is available here.

A part of our graphic work is based on the 3D models and textures that Ryzom leaves available on the site Ryzom Asset Depository whose elements are offered under Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA.

Any additional information is welcome: “let us give to Caesar what is Caesar's!”


The project has a fairly well-functioning function and for the time being avoids embarrassing pompous titles.

To contact in case of problems at the web site:

  • Zatalyz - Has the keys of the web/game servers and is admin of the various tools, to contact especially for problems of connections to the various elements of the site and link errors.
  • Yannk - Has the keys of the web/game servers and is admin of the various tools, to contact first of all for the bizarre css.

The active people who helps(or have helped) in alphabetical order not to make anyone jealous:

If someone has been forgotten, add it(and if it is you that are forgotten, take advantage of it and create your presentation page!).

If you do not want your name to appear, please send an email to assoc@khaganat.net

External contributions

We sometimes rely on external contributors, artists leaving open their production for example. Not being able to indicate them on each of the resources, we would like to present them to you here:

David Revoy

Is there still an need to present David Revoy and Pepper & Carrot?

We could not help our self using some images from the adventures of the charming witch(as background image of the interface), licensed CC-BY David Revoy therefore.

You can go to http://www.davidrevoy.com/, [http://www.peppercarrot.com|Pepper & Carrot], or support his work on Patreon.


Yughues offers a huge bank of high quality textures, with different layers(diffuse, specular, normal, etc…). It also has a good amount of 3D files with “multilevel modeling” of detail and amounts of polygons. A site you should learn to know!
OBS: Note that it accepts work under commission, for very modest prices.

His contributions are shared under the http://creativecommons.org/choose/zero/licence CC-C0.
The DevianArt gallery where you can find download links:
It's site, more kind of general, which presents it's different activities:

He has just opened a page under Patreon to support him: https://www.patreon.com/Yughues


Viscious Speed offers a large number of “cliparts” of similar design on Open ClipArt, therefore in the public domain.
It also offers more complete scenes and more ambitious works on its DeviantArt page.


Chris Fiedler offers a wide range of textures, brushes, and graphics for Gimp and Inkscape. He placed his work under license BY-SA. He has a DeviantArt page where his work is summarized. http://chrisdesign.wordpress.com/


Michal Ahedov is a Czech 3D artist who shares some of his creations on BlendSwap. COmmele's work is very careful, we were very inspired(and taken) over some elements for the played assets.

His website: http://ahedov.blogspot.fr/
His channel YT (in Czech): https://www.youtube.com/user/ahedov/featured
His BS profile: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/user/29791


We have taken over some of the textures of the game “RTS O A.D.” which are licensed BY-SA Wildfire Games.

It is an excellent real-time strategy game(in 3D), entirely free, and of excellent invoice. A sure example to follow for free game projects.

The game site: http://play0ad.com/

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