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Ryzom Core Game Client Commands

Here is a list of the commands that can be used on the “shard”(the universe of the game), classified by themes and provided that they have the appropriate rights. This is an list of commands in alphabetical order: ici.

For the time being.. this is sorted as “code”. And all that is found in the admin file of the EGS service.

The rights

Label Title Explanation of the law ((Source of explanations given on forum Ryzom) )
: DEV: Developer Rights developer, has all rights
: SGM: Senior Game Master (CSR) This is the supreme(or almost) authority for the server. It resolves conflicts(as an last resort), and takes care of tickets that others can not handle
: GM: Game Master (CSR) They are the entry point for all requests of support. Their role is to handle all requests(tickets and tell), and to answer “online” on the CeB. They have all the necessary tools to direct your request to the right people/services
: VG: Veteran Guide (CSR) Veterans Guides are experienced guides but they still perform the same tasks as guides, they are also allowed to resolve conflicts between players, to monitor the server in order to detect possible problems or bad behaviors(like insults etc..)
: SG: Senior Guide
: G: Guide (CSR) They are the entry point for all requests of support. Their role is to handle all requests(tickets and tell), and to answer “online” on the CeB. They have all the necessary tools to direct your request to the right people/services
:EM: Event Manager (Animation)
:EG: Event Guide (Animation)

The orders

The “shard” commands are entered directly in your chat console. They are available in three versions depending on whether the command applies to “one self” (/a), to the targeted entity (/b), or to the entity whose name is specified in the first parameter (/c).

  • /a <Order> [which applies to itself]
  • /b <Command> [which applies to the selected target]
  • /c <Target> <Command> [which applies to the target whose name is given as the first parameter]


The “info” command displays information about an avatar. When declined with /a, /b or /c, it then gives:

  • /a infos : Displays information about yourself.
  • /b infos : Displays information about the targeted player at the time the command is entered.
  • /c Zatalyz info : Displays information about the avatar named “Zatalyz”.

Command accessible by players

Command Explanation settings rights
teamInvite send a team invite to a player character <eid> <member name>
setLeague Set the League of the team <user id> [<name>]
leagueInvite send a League invite to a player character <eid> <player name>
leagueKick kick a player character from league <eid> <member name>
guildInvite send a guild invite to a player character <eid> <member name>
roomInvite send a room invite to a player character <eid> <member name>
roomKick kick player from room <eid> <member name>
dodge set the defense mode to dodge <player id(id:type:crea:dyn)>
parry set the defense mode to parry <player id(id:type:crea:dyn)>
respawnAfterDeath respawnAfterDeath at re-spawn point name, it must be valid (validated by PC and usable) <player id(id:type:crea:dyn)><Respawn idx>
resurrected Another PC resurrect PC by giving some energy <player id(id:type:crea:dyn)><Hp gived><Sta gived><Sap gived><Focus gived>
validateRespawnPoint Validate re-spawn point <player id(id:type:crea:dyn)><Re-spawn point idx>
summonPet player can summon it's pet one time only <eid><Pet Number>
connectUserChannel Connect to user channels <user id> <channel_name> [<pass>]
connectLangChannel Connect to lang channel <user id> <lang>
updateTarget Update current target <user id>
resetName Reset your name; undo a temporary rename <user id>
showOnline Set friend visibility <user id> <mode=0|1|2>

Web commands managment

Command Explanation settings rights
webExecCommand Execute a web command <user id> <web_app_url> <index> <command> <hmac> [<new_check=0|1|2|3>] [<next_step=0|1>] [<send_url=0|1>]
webDelCommandsIds Del ids of commands <user id> <web_app_url>
webAddCommandsIds Add ids of commands will be run from webig <user id> <bot_name> <web_app_url> <indexes>
addPetAnimal Add pet animal to character <eid> <PetTicket>
addSkillPoints add skill points of given type (Fight = 0 Magic = 1 Craft = 2 Harvest = 3) » <eid> <SP type [0..3]> <nb SP>
addXPToSkill Gain experience in a given skills <eid> <xp> <skill> [<count>]
changeMode change_mode <entity id(id:type:crea:dyn)> <mode>
checkTargetSP check target player skill points (if there is lost SP) <entity id(id:type:crea:dyn)>
clearFriendsList clear the friend list of a player <eid>
clearIgnoreList clear the ignore list of a player <eid>
clearIsFriendOfList clear the ignore list of a player <eid>
createItemInBag Create an item and put it in the player bag <eid> <sheetId>|<sheetName> <quantity> <quality> [force]
createItemInInv Create items and put them in the given inventory <eid> <invId> <sheetId>|<sheetName> <quantity> <quality> <nb items>
createItemInTmpInv Create an item and put it in the player temp inventory <eid> <sheetId>|<sheetName> <quantity> <quality>
createNamedItemInBag create a named item in bag <eId> <item> [<quantity>]
createFullArmorSet Create and equip player with chosen full armor set <eid> <race (fyros/matis/zorai/tryker)> <type (light/medium/heavy)> <quality>
displayInfosOnTarget display info on entity target <eid>
execPhrase execute a sabrina phrase <player id(id:type:crea:dyn)> <cyclic 0/1> [<brick ids>…]
execMemorizedPhrase memorize a memorized sabrina phrase <player id(id:type:crea:dyn)> <index> <cyclic 0/1>
executeSabrinaPhrase execute a sabrina phrase, an sphrase <player id(id:type:crea:dyn)> <cyclic 0/1> <phraseId>
forceTargetToDie (debug) Force entity target to die <eid>
learnAllBricks Specified player learns all possible bricks for it's skill values <eid>
learnAllRolemasterBricks Specified player learns all possible bricks sold by rolemaster for it's skill values <eid>
learnAllPhrases Specified player learns all possible phrases for it's skill values <eid>
learnBrick Specified player learns given brick <eid> <brickid>
unlearnBrick Specified player unlearns given brick <eid> <brickid>
learnPhrase Specified player learns a phrase and set it at index knownPhraseIndex <eid> <phraseSheet>
learnAllForagePhrases Learn all forage phrase, begin at specified index <eid> <index>
learnAllFaberPlans Specified player learns all faber plans <eid>
memorizePhrase memorize a sabrina phrase <player id(id:type:crea:dyn)> <index> [<brick ids>…]
resetPowerFlags reset the ineffective aura and the power flags for given character <eId>
setSkillsToMaxValue Set skills character to max value of each skill <eid>
displayForageRM Display forageable raw materials near by or at the exact position of a player <eid> <exactPos=1> <extendedInfo=0>
setItemSapLoad set an item sap load <eId><slot index in bag (starts at 0)><float value>
showFBT show Focus Beta Tester title if the player is a FBT <FBT id>
allowSummonPet autorize player summon it's pet one time only <eid><Pet Number>
setPetAnimalSatiety Set the satiety of pet animal (petIndex in 0..3) <eid> <petIndex> full|<value> [<nameForAnswer>]
getPetAnimalSatiety Get the satiety of pet animal (petIndex in 0..3) <eid> <petIndex> [<nameForAnswer>]
setPetAnimalName Set the name of a pet animal <eid> <petIndex (0..3)> [<name>]
taskPass pass a task from a rite <player eid> <rite> [<task>]
setFamePlayer set the fame value of a player in the given faction <player eid> <faction> <fame>

Commande CSR

Command Explanation settings rights
setSalt Set Salt <dev_eid> <salt>
F motd set the current message of the day <message to be displayed (string)>
F broadcast Broadcast a text [repeat=<num repeat> or during=<time in seconds>] [every=<delay in seconds>] <message>
summon summon a player in front of the CSR <CSR eId><player name>
dismiss teleport a player back to its former position ( before last call to summonPlayer ) <CSR eId><player name>
teleport teleport the CSR in front of a player <CSR eId><player name>
renamePlayerForEvent rename a player for the event <CSR eId><player name><new playerName>
Inactive renamePlayer rename a player <CSR eId><player name><new playerName>
renameGuild rename a guild <CSR_eId> <guild_name>|<shardId:guildId> <new_guild_name>
F setGuildDescription set a guild description <guild_name>|<shardId:guildId> <new_guild_description>
F setGuildIcon set a guild icon <guild_name>|<shardId:guildId> <new_icon_code(on 64 bits)>
killMob kill a mob ( /a killMob ) <CSR eId>
changeVar change a variable of a player <eid> <var> <val>
root root a player <CSR id><player name><time in second>
unroot stop rooting a player <CSR id> <player name>
ignoreTells ignore incoming tell <CSR id> <0 / false / 1 / true > // hierarchy
showCSR activate GM title <CSR id>
monitorMissions monitor a player missions <CSR id><player name>
stopMonitorMissions monitor a player missions <CSR id>
failMission force mission failure <CSR id><mission idx>
progressMission force mission progression <CSR id><mission idx>[repeat]
mute mute a user <csr id> <player name><duration>
unmute unmute a user <csr id> <player name>
muteUniverse mute the univers chat <csr id><player name><duration>
unmuteUniverse unmute the univers chat <csr id><player name>
universe chat in universe mode <boolean>
setGMGuild set the current GM guild
targetInfos give infos on the target
infos give info on character (GodMode Invisible…)
addPosFlag add a new position flag <csr_eid> <flag_name>
setPosFlag set a position flag <csr_eid> <flag_name>
delPosFlag delete a position flag <csr_eid> <flag_name>
lPosFlags list position flags (short format) <csr_eid> [<radius_in_meters>]
listPosFlags list position flags (long format) <csr_eid> [<radius_in_meters>]
tpPosFlag teleport a player to a position flag <eid> <flag_name>
updateGuildMembersList update guild members list on members clients <csr eid> <guild_name>|<shardId:guildId>
listGuildMembers display guild members list <csr eid> <guild_name>|<shardId:guildId>
addGuildMember add a new member to a guild <csr eid> <guild_name>|<shardId:guildId> <member name>
setGuildMemberGrade set the grade of a guild member <csr eid> <guild_name>|<shardId:guildId> <memberName> <grade = Member/Officer/HighOfficer/Leader>
setGuildLeader set the leader of a guild <csr eid> <guild_name>|<shardId:guildId> <member name>
startEvent start an event with the given name <csr eid> <event name> [<faction1> <faction2> [<Faction 1 GM channel name> <faction2 GM channel Name> [<zone only ?>]]]
stopEvent stop previous started event <csr eid>
getEventFaction get the event faction of player <csr eid> <player name>
setEventFaction set the event faction of player <csr eid> <player name> <event faction>
clearEventFaction clear the event faction of player <csr eid> <player name>
provideItemService provide a service from an item to a player <eid> <sheet name>
dumpFactionPVPDamage dump damage made in Faction PvP <eid>
changeHairCut change the haircut of a player <eid> <sheet name>
farTPPush Far TP a character but let the current position in the stack for returning. Pos in meters. <eid> <destSessionId> [<X> <Y> [<Z> [<Heading>]]]
farTPReplace Far TP a character. Pos in meters. Default values = current values <eid> [<destSessionId> [<X> <Y> [<Z> [<Heading>]]]]
farTPReturn Far TP a character back to the previous session in the stack
resetPVPTimers Reset the pvp timers of a player <CSR eId><player name>
F savePlayerActiveChar
F reloadPlayer
F addGuildXp add xp of a guild <guild_name>|<shardId:guildId> <xp ( positive or negative )> Commented therefore inactive. | | F setGuildChargePoint | set the charge points of a guild | <guild_name>|<shardId:guildId> <points> Commented therefore inactive.
characterInventoryDump Dump character inventory info <eid> <inventory> [<from slot> <to slot>]
deleteInventoryItem Delete an item from a characters inventory <eid> <inventory> <slot> <sheetname> <quality> <quantity>
F setSimplePhrase Set an IOS phrase <id> <phrase> [<language code>]
buyPact Buy Kami or Karavan pact <player id(id:type:crea:dyn)><Pact Name>
cancelTopPhrase cancelTopPhrase <eid>
lockItem Lock/unlock item in inventory <user id> <inventory> <slot> <lock=0|1>
setTeamLeader Set the leader of the team <user id> <member>
Inactive setPvpClan set the pv clan for player <csr eid> <clan number 0=neutral, 1=clan1, 2=clan2 >
Command Explanation settings rights
acceptProposalForQueue player accept to enter critical part (for queue Id i) <eid> <accept (0/1)> [<queueId>]
awakePlayerInQueue awake player in given queue <eid> <queueId>
Command Explanation settings rights
DisplayShopSelector display shop selector for a NPC
addFactionAttackableToTarget Add a faction to attackable list to given entity target creature/npc <player eid> <faction name> <fameLevel -600+600> <0/1 0 = below 1 = above>
eventCreateNpcGroup create an event npc group <player eid> <nbBots> <sheet> [<dispersionRadius=10m> [<spawnBots=true> [<orientation=random|self|-360..360> [<name> [<x> [<y>]]]]]]
eScript executes a script on an event npc group <player eid> <groupname> <script>
eventNpcGroupScript Pour faire apparaître des objets, mob ou pnj <bot eid> <script>
eventSetBotName changes the name of a bot <bot eid> <name>
eventSetBotScale changes the scale of a bot (in % up to 255) <bot eid> <scale in %>
eventSetNpcGroupAggroRange changes the aggro range of a npc group <bot eid> <range>
eventSetNpcGroupEmote Set emote animation to a npc group <bot eid> <emote>
eventSetFaunaBotAggroRange changes the aggro range of a fauna bot <bot eid> <not hungry range> [<hungry range> [<hunting range>]]
eventResetFaunaBotAggroRange reset the aggro range of a fauna bot to sheet defaults <bot eid>
eventSetBotCanAggro tells the bot if he can aggro or not <bot eid> <can aggro>
eventResetItemCustomText set an item custom text, which replaces help text <eId> <inventory> <slot in inventory>
eventSetBotSheet Change the sheet of a bot <bot eid> <sheet id>
eventSetBotFaction changes the faction of a bot <bot eid> <faction>|default
eventSetBotFameByKill set the fame a player win after killing a bot <bot eid> <fame>|default
dssTarget target a mob and send information to dss( /b dssTarget )
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