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Client init

This describes how the init function of the ryzom core client is structured and what functions are called from it:

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disable Screensaver
MSG: Loading config file...
init ClientCfg
CPU Mask
create save and user dir
remap tga png dds
add PreDataPaths with info on ProgressBar
MSG: Loading I18N...
Load translations
MSG: Initializing VR devices...
init VR devices
MSG: Creating 3d driver...
Set Driver from cfg and setup
Determine Screen default resolution
STEP: login_step_video_mode_setup
initialize system utils
STEP: login_step_video_mode_setup_high_color
Window title and icon and position
Check AGP for vertices
Monitor colors
Inititialize texture memory, font manager, DXTCCompression, antisotropic filter
Create generic material, text context
Initialize InputHandler
Read XMLInputFile
MSG: Loading background...
Select Tips of the Day
beginLoading(StartBackground) // First Picture/Intro/loading texture
MSG: Adding search paths...
Register interface elements
Init bloom effect
Setup Stereo Display/VR Config


MSG: Initializing network...
Init Message Header Manager with msg.xml, network
MSG: Initializing chat manager...
Init Chat Manager with chat_static.cdb
MSG: Initializing primitive classes
Read Primitives with LigoPrimitiveClass in Client Cfg
MSG: Initializing sheets...
Init sheets with UpdatePackedSheets in Client Cfg
MSG: Initializing sound manager...
Init and play sound if sound is on
MSG: Loading sheets...
load and set output of Sheet Manager to ../../client/data
MSG: Initialize bricks...
Inititialize BrickManager

If not Light in Client Cfg
   MSG: Initializing Color Slot...
   MSG: Initializing Gabarit Set...
   MSG: Initializing Hair Set...
   MSG: Initializing Starting Role Set...
   MSG: Inititalizing Bot Objects...

MSG: Inititalizing Movie Shooter...
MSG: Initializing primitives...
Register ligo primitives and load PACS primitive
MSG: Executing cfg file start commands...
Call user commands from config file // = ICommand::execute "StartCommands"
MSG: Connecting...



login (login.cpp):

loginIntro (Nevrax and Nvidia logo / login.cpp)
CInterfaceManager initLogin (interface_manager.cpp)

initLogin (interface_manager.cpp):

register actions in action manager
load TexturesLoginInterface and TexturesLoginInterfaceDXTC in Client Cfg
parse XMLLoginInterfaces in Client Cfg (parseInterface() / interface_parser.cpp)
update translated elements
activate master group (ui:login)

parseInterface (interface_parser.cpp):

parse first XML file
add other XML files to first one

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