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Khaganat is a huge project that includes the universe of Khanat, a base to create stories and artworks (or anything else).
It is also a MMORPG.
It's mostly what you'll do with it.

Just one thing before you join us: we're mostly French speaking and most of what we do is done in French, so most links will lead you to French pages.
But feel reassured: we also speak English (more or less), and we'll do our best to translate everything you need into English if you ask us.

Khaganat is the meta-project, an original seed for the building of playful and free universes, a unifying place for a community of creatives who want to create worlds open in their formalisation, in their creation and conception tools but also in the provision of already developped universes.

To learn more about the project...

Freedom, courtesy, independance and sharing are the mammaries of Khaganat.

Discover our values.

Put in your two cents to the building and have fun, you as well, by drawing, telling stories, translating, writing code, making sounds… or any other activity that excites you!

How to contribute and what are the things to be done1).

All the technical documentation is available on the wikhan, our code and our multimedia files are on our store and if it can be of some use to you, we're also hosting a pad (tool for collaborative writing) and a pastebin (to copy and share texts or bits of code without spamming IRC).

Come and chat with us, on the forum or on IRC; if you don't know how to use the latter, we also have lots of guides.

Last news !

Directly from our (French) blog, la Voix du Khan:

Khanat, an old world, so old that its memory is shattered, starts over day after day through the dreams of its inhabitants.

Discover this world through the UM1, the Khanat encyclopedia.

In the Mediateki, the Great Library of the Khanat, the books are written in the course of the dreams… And if you search very deeply, you might even find some of them translated into English…

Take one of them and follow the adventures of those who wander in this world.

And if you also joined the adventure? Install the the game client and get into it!

Discover the world images, the concepts art and our visual tries in the images galery.

Support us

This project is working thanks to your donations, help making it live!

FR link only for now
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