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====== Welcome in Encyclopedia of Khanat ======

Khanat Encyclopaedia

Imagine… Imagine a very old world. So old that it looses its memory, and rebuild itself day after day through the dreams of its inhabitants. A wild territory, land of ferocious creatures who treads upon forgotten places, full of plants eaten ruins where chamans dance in the campfire light. In the windings of the underground, squeaking gears, rattling mechanisms watch, observe, organise. From his Va'itu'a palace, the Khan of the Eons, who is said to be immortal, follows anxiously the Mists' progress and the flood of Forgetter. He's waiting real miracles from the Dreamwalkers who should dream of tomorrow's world.

The Khanat is the universe created collectively to be the background of the first adventures experienced by the members of the Khaganat project. It displays what is known at all levels, and can be enhanced by the contributions of anyone want to join us and plays his/her part in the project. There’s no censor, except from the whole community, which is made possible thanks to the organisation into a wiki.

Hence, you’ll find here information about the creatures, them being either intelligent or not, the geographical environment, history, sciences…

If you’re just beginning your discover of the universe, have a look on the First Steps page: it is a good starting point.

The browsing tabs

The tabs at the top of the page match the needs of the various participants. General gives the information available IG to anyone, in theory, with some interest to the environment and/or the subject. There’s no secret there, and only information that can be discovered IG, one way or another. The information is provided, as much as possible, with the same kind of presentation that an inhabitant of the world would see. The Animation, Gameplay, Codingand Discussion tabs are described in the matching tabs of this page.

How can I help?

All details are available here.

Current challenge

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