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Create a universe In this section, we will discuss the data that allows a universe to exist!(Unlike the server system which makes it possible for the universe …, ,
Https and SSL certificates This article is a “draft form” and contains fragmentary information. If you have the opportunity, complete it, and add links to bett…, , ,
Installing a patch server Patching the client is a good way to keep it “up to date” with your game server. It's usually a fast and easy process ones configur…, , ,
IRC Clients: chosing, installing and setting-up We've moved to XMPP. This page is still there as archive. Join us now on our new channels! When using IRC ofte…,
Game-data updates for the Lirria server This tutorial is under construction!! It is necessary to correct the “content” of this tutorial for use of the script…, , ,
Name of the bots To have the Bots placed using the World Editor AND having correct names displayed over their head(in white rather than their code name specifi…, ,
Texture tools Tools To manipulate the textures of the ryzom game, we need the following tools: * bnp_make (and bnp_make-frontend) * tga2dds * a drawing…, , ,
Shard database Information about what should be in the MYSQL database See The game server database to understand in detail what each table contains. nel_nel …, , , ,
XML syntax of the patch server! [XML Icon CC BY SA RRZE icons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:RRZEicons] The patch server needs to be configured us…, , ,
Texture of the ground Pipeline In the customer: - * .dds(high definition) - * .Tilebank (formerly .Bank) (all the textures of a group) - * .smallbank (…, ,
World Editor World Editor is the most complete tool for creation of different areas. For ex: It allows to place ground tiles, manage creatures and the NPC's, t…, ,
Rename and Move a page If you created the page /wiki:penguin and you realize that it should be moved and/or renamed, for example to /en:penguin, then here is t…,
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