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Georges editor Georges Editor is a software that allows to modify the .xml files which are used as database files for the game. They can have variable extensio…,
Gitflow GitFLow is a fairly widespread organization of Git repositories that segregates things properly and therefore collaborates with a large number of peo…,
Mercurial The Ryzom Core Game Server data is hosted on Bitbucket, which uses the Mercurial repository. We currently use the git system via a local Gitlab insta…, ,
Name of the bots To have the Bots placed using the World Editor AND having correct names displayed over their head(in white rather than their code name specifi…, ,
Texture tools Tools To manipulate the textures of the ryzom game, we need the following tools: * bnp_make (and bnp_make-frontend) * tga2dds * a drawing…, , ,
Deposits and technical collaboration on Khaganat WIP : For each repository, there is an description(on a dedicated page) and technical information on how it sh…, ,
The workflow type of work Work in progress This is an ideal description, the work on each of the deposits may be slightly different in detail even if the prin…, ,
World Editor World Editor is the most complete tool for creation of different areas. For ex: It allows to place ground tiles, manage creatures and the NPC's, t…, ,
Missions Use the world_editor software to create missions. Optional: Click on “Project”, then “Add Landscape”, then choose “newbieland.land” from your “resour…, , , ,
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