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Shard commands Here is a list of the commands that can be used on the “shard”(the universe of the game) classified by themes and provided that they have the ap…
Datasheets All information about the game universe is generated from data forms, written as xml files. They are usually edited with the Georges Editor but can … ,
Georges editor Georges Editor is a software that allows to modify the .xml files which are used as database files for the game. They can have variable extensio… ,
Tools of Ryzom Core Kervala has compiled various tools used in the Ryzom Core galaxy. They are available here:<http://ryzom.kervala.net/clients/>. ai_build_wm…
Shard database Information about what should be in the MYSQL database See The game server database to understand in detail what each table contains. nel_nel … , , , ,
Texture of the ground Pipeline In the customer: - * .dds(high definition) - * .Tilebank (formerly .Bank) (all the textures of a group) - * .smallbank (… , ,
Ryzomcore Studio Introduction and tutorial about the “beginning of design”. Installation For linux: Download ryzomcore studio We install in order: ryzomc… ,
Missions Use the world_editor software to create missions. Optional: Click on “Project”, then “Add Landscape”, then choose “newbieland.land” from your “resour… , , , ,
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