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Rules(and help)

The Sacred Rules

  1. Each creation belongs to it's author and each author must be respected for his work. Any work placed in the Mediateki is licensed under CC BY-SA, attributed to it's author(if it is in the right space), or Khaganat if she/he is in Anonymous or a section without author.

- Characters of an author(or a player) must not be staged without his/hers consent. In general(and to avoid drama) when you cite another character, contact the person who created it to validate your work before making it public. This validation becomes absolutely necessary if the quoted character has an important role in your work and not just a figurative role.

  1. The world belongs to all!! All the elements of your creations that enrich the universe should be reusable by all and be the subject of an article in the UM1. And that's what the {{:licence:cc-by-sa.png|CC-BY-SA}} serves] .
  2. If you think an important point should be added to the rules, then come and discuss it .

Using the library


For readers, works with an identified author are in consultation, ie they can not modify them. However, they may leave a small note next to each work(“in the Discussion page”), either to criticize or congratulate the author, or to report a mistake. It is not a space rp and it is not the place for the great debates, prefer the forum for that!


If you want to publish a work, first create a namespace in your name. At the end of “bar address”, (after en:authors), add author_name:start. This creates your section in the library. Here is what the address will look like:


The start page is the home page of your section. We advise you to use the tag ~~NOCACHE~~ <catlist -noHead -noAddPageButton > on this page in order to list the following ones that you're creating1).

For more information on thesyntaxe wiki and on the Functioning of namespaces, follow les liens. You are free to organize your section as you like, with subfolders(namespaces) by putting the tags you like… Just remember to respect the naming conventions! Name of folders, pages and Tags without diacritic sign2).

Once your section has been created, leave a message Librarian to lock it. You can ask him/her to be the only one having rights to it, or ask that also some other people intervene(for corrections for example). You can also leave your section open for changes to all, you decide!

You can not prevent people from leaving a word on the discussion page related to each of your articles, these pages are part of the public space.

We advise you to use “correctors” and to familiarize yourself with the possibilities of the wiki, so that all work remain of the highest quality possible.

There is special authoring, Anonymous. Anyone can publish in this section but the texts are then part of the “public fund” and anyone can make them… into almost anything(attribution for the management of rights to the Khaganat association). This is where we find rumors, millenary legends, pamphlets …


According to the rights of the author section(of each author), the correction is more or less easy. If the author decides so, he may ask special editors to have access to his pages. He must send the list of names to Librarian, or trust the Library's correction service by indicating that he accepts the intervention of the College of Correctors or refusing that anyone can have “a paw” on his work(well… the librarian gives himself the right to intervene if the section encounters problems “(Case that should not happen, nobody is stupidity going to require a muscular admin intervention. If there is corrections of form for proposal, you first speak with the author.))).

Private libraries

Parts of the Mediateki can be invisible to ordinary mortals. For having access to it, you have to find the way to it(“In game, via quests or the discovery of new areas, and sometimes even out of play.”). An author can make part of his/hers section open only to the initiated…

Libraries on the Khanate

In general(and therefore not in special cases), the entire Mediateki is accessible from the Great Library of Khanat. But there are(in the Empire) other places of knowledge whose collections are smaller, often organized around a specific theme, like: local culture, specific art, etc.

Do not hesitate to enrich the Libraries and Museum to bring them copies(“and lastly, especially by adding links to the works in each page.”).

NB: the order of appearance of the texts is still governed by the Lirri'a, in other words, nobody knows why they appear in this or that order
spaces, accents, strange characters outside the underscore that allows to simulate a space.
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