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Title : summarize in few words

Give in short and simple title ; it's what will appear in the list to indicate which tasks is it.


Start by summarize, in one sentence, what is the task, therewith the curious can know faslty if they are concerned. Then detail as more as possible what has to be done. If it's possible, add links to the file or the work in progress.

Try to to “simple” tasks. If there is several things to do, divide the task in multiple of subtasks.

Who is working on ?

  • Who khnow what has to be done ? If someone want to work on this task, to who ask for ?
  • Who is already working on ? Record the date of the last activity on the task, if it's possible.
  • Tag the person in question : {{tag>pour:Personne}}. The “pour” in the tag is very important !

Asking skills

To fulfill the task, is there any particular skills needed? It can be very common (“Relate stories”, “Code”) or more specific (“Experience the C++ and have a good knowledge of the architecture of Ryzom”).

It allows to people to have a good idea of their possibilities et of their interest for the task.

Difficulties estimated or time needed

It can be very subjectiv, but for someone with more capabilities, it is a long or fast to do ? Half an hour or many mounth ? Easy or full of trouble on the road ? Try to guess all those aspects to situate at best.

If this tasks is links to other, list it. It can be a relative task (fulfill this one help to do the the next one) or subtask of an other (other tasks need to be done to make this one doable). Make links to the other wiki's page.


Even if the forum is more adapted to start a debate, You can add here all the comments helping to complete the descritpion of the task, like “where have you stopped the last time”, the encountered problems, the questionings … Don't forget to us “>” to mark the answer of a previous question, and sign with your name and the date.

{{tag>statut:A_faire statut:En_cours statut:A_vérifier statut:Fini}}

Tags are really important to sort the tasks therafter ! There is only four, pick up yours.Respect the syntax.

  • statut:A_faire : For the tasks that are not start.
  • statut:En_cours : For what is already begun.
  • statut:A_vérifier : Normally finish, but asking for a validation to be sure.
  • statut:Fini : In theory, it's done !
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