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-<WRAP centeralign>​====== Welcome in Khanat'​s mediatheque ======</​WRAP>​+~~NOTOC~~ 
 +{{ :​zbasu_rid_book.png?​nolink&​200 |}}
-<WRAP important>​Unfortunately,​ our team is French and the translation is only in its very early stages((at the beginning of 2016, it means exactly [[en:​auteurs:​lyne:​reve_ordinaire:​start|one]] text)). If you understand French, please select this language to discover media resources of Khanat. If you want to translate into English or another language, you are welcome :-D . 
-Otherwise check back later: one day, Khaganat will be multilingual ​!</​WRAP>​+====== Welcome====== 
 +The Mediateki(or "the Great Library"​) gathers a copy of each creations on Khanat. This is things like literature, graphic arts, music, almost everything being done in all it's forms.
 +<WRAP round info 400px center>
 +For more information(and before strolling "​on"​ in our shelves)we suggest you go for a walk in the office of [[admin|Librarian]] and we hope you even may consider reading the [[en:​regles|Rules]].
 +===== Classification =====
 +All the work done are classified by the [[en:​auteurs:​start|Author]],​ or by [[en:​oeuvres:​start|Artworks]] or even by [[en:​lieu:​start|Places]]. Each author is the "​director"​ of his own library section and the director decides alone who can(and can'​t)correct his own texts(or even who will be able to read them).
----- +An author = A name space, which he owns and can organize as he/she wishes. 
-Tags+He/she alone decides what "​rights"​ to give the "name space" and also about the information given to the Library. The author is the sole person who decides on who may be able to modify his texts! 
 +The [[en:​oeuvres:​start|Artworks]] section lists scattered work and it is particularly useful for collective works. Each piece is the property of its author but the "​whole"​ can be read from a "​draft"​ as well. 
 +[[en:​lieu:​start|Places]] let's you know the way to different "​work'​s"​ in Khanat. (It 's especially useful in-game). 
 +You only need to put links(or include) to the author pages, Like: "​Original work here!"​. 
 +===== Visitors ===== 
 +Visitors have the possibility to leave annotations in the guestbook of it's own section((The discussion page of each article.)). 
 +===== Using the books on the shelf ===== 
 +Unlike other wikis of Khaganat(license:​ [[http://​creativecommons.org/​licenses/​by-sa/​4.0/​deed.fr|CC-BY-SA]] attributed to Khaganat), the Mediateki license remains.. but paternity is attributed to the authors of the work. The latter are there for the person to be credited, and to contact if you may want modification of the license. 
 +Licensing is done in the authors name(as indication in the shelves). This will allow him to maintain integrity and personal coherence on his work. 
 +This way, the public may know who the author of the text is, the drawing, the music. (This author'​s name does not necessarily need to have a "RP value" in the world of Khanat! 
 +But it will have a gathering value here.)) ... 
 +If he/she wishes, a contributor can transfer the exploitation of his/hers rights to Khaganat, publishing it in the space [**authors**](One then falls back on the classic CC-BY-SA Khaganat). 
 +Our publication is compatible with publication by "a paper publisher",​ which allows to make and sell posters of his own works. This nevertheless guarantees the creatives who entrust their work to these shelves to be able to control the commercial exploitation of their works. The distribution is free as long as it is free. Beyond that we must ask the author. 
 +For more details, see the [[wkh>​en:​faq#​by_relations_and_licenses]] section of the wikhan FAQ. 
 +<WRAP round box> 
 +===== A few words ===== 
 +Some helping words(for you) so you can start dreaming: 
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