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Bienvenue / Re: Bonjour
« le: 28 septembre 2013 à 10:00:12 »

sorry for the late response, been job hunting recently.

here is the source code and fonts for the generator. it is very basic. You will probably want to do what I did later for the story art and use vectors, but that requires drawing every word individually.

I would be happy to help with some dscript art. just give me some text and I can do it in Dscript :) ill do it many forms so you can choose which you like.

as for the pictures in the manual, most are available on, feel free to copy anything you like. unfortunately the original file for the PDF intro is on another computer so I cant just pull up the original with all the pics right now.

I will gladly help translate, but I doubt I could write good enough french for a clear explaination. If someone else wants to translate i would be happy to proof that it is accurate. I would even post the french version on my dscript sites with credit for translation and likes to your project.

I would love to help, i think the best way for now would be to produce dscript text art that you can use in 3d and graphics..
so.. accepting text requests. Ill send back high quality vecotr graphics :)

Bienvenue / Bonjour
« le: 25 septembre 2013 à 07:39:49 »

Il y a troplong temp que je nais pas practiquer ma fancais, alor pardon moi, je vais erir en anglais.. souete que vous pouver compredre :)

Hi name is Matt, The "dscript guy".
Thank you soo much for using Dscript :)

Sorry, I have been living in China for 8 years now and y french is very out of practice.. especially since chinese took so much to learn.. but with a week back in a french environment im sure I would be right back on the horse :)

I just noticed your project and though I would stop by and offer help if you like. It can take a while to master dscript, and it looks liek you are adapting it to lojban :D awesome :D.. how is it going.. have you redesigned the alphabet?

I do nto want to "intrude".. if someone else is takign creaive lead i will not step on any toes... i would in fact be honored if someone was doing a lojban version of dscript.

anyways, I have plenty of experience wrtitting Dscript artisticaly and have mastered several method of produceing dscript graphics.. if I can lend a hand in any way I woudl lvoe to.


Matthew DeBlock

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